BizTalk Port Changer

Last month i was assigned to find a solution to move our Database to new DB Server. And we use BizTalk 2004 to do some part of my applicaton.

In normal method we must export binding files in every Dll and change its configuration to new DB Server. But I have over 40 Dll with so many ports with SQL Adapter Type. It take time and easy to miss somewhere in binding file Then someone in twitter suggest me to play with ExplorerOM Libary  (Microsoft.BizTalk.ExplorerOM.dll)

And i make little app to do this for me  :  “BizTalk Port Changer”

Feature :

  • Show All Port in this Server (Refer to same BizTalk Management DB)  (Now Support only SQL,  FILE,  MQ Series and FTP ) with criteria
  • Show Port Username and Password (hope this feature don’t make u into darkside ^^”) i make it for check current of username and password of SQL and FTP port
  • Change Username , Password and Address of SQL Port
  • Export Port Configuration (to text file)

Hope this can help someone who must do something like me. Try this and make it better !!

Run on Win XP

Run on Win 2003

Note :

  • User will run this app must has authorize to access BizTalk Management DB (BizTalkMgmtDb) with Windows Authen Mode
  • At first Select Server Address and BizTalk Management DB and press Set Connection

Download here : BizTalk Port Changer

Source BizTalk Port Changer Source

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