A4SWIFT Message Pack 2009 Trailer Problem

I’m working with the Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT (A4SWIFT) for Biztalk 2004. And now it’s time to upgrade our A4SWIFT to version of Message Pack 2009 which announce by SWIFT.


Since I downloaded the Message Pack 2009 from Microsoft and start to migrate with my App.I found something abnormal with the Trailer of the message.


In Trailer Part of All Schema (MTxxx.xsd) and The External Trailer Schema (SWIFT Trailer.xsd) Tag MAC and PAC was removed by A4SWIFT but i can’t find this change in SWIFT Standard Release Guide 2009

  {AllianceTrailerData }

Now i try to ask this to MS Support and If anybody know about this issue please let me know and if have more progress  i’ll update later.

======== 25/09/2009  Updated =========

After my team call support from decillion (SWIFT Support in Thailand) and search from User Handbook in swift.com

found that SWIFT removed MAC and PAC Tag after lunch RMA (SWIFTNET Phase II) because MAC and PAC Tag use for PKI signatures and now they don’t use it anymore

but SWIFT Alliance Gateway still  generate MAC tag  like  {MAC:000000} for Application use. We can configuration at interface of SWIFT Alliance Gateway for remove  this tag and it will not send MAC and PAC to our application.

Summary : We’ll change configuration  at interface of SWIFT Alliance Gateway for remove MAC Tag and then Apply our application Schema follow the A4SWIFT Schema from Microsoft.

Attach : A practical guide to SWIFTNet Phase 2

A practical guide to SWIFTNet Phase 2

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